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Hey, thank you for coming to my site, I'm Emma and welcome to

MSKI Dynamic Yoga.

I've been practicing dynamic yoga for over 17 years and teaching for 8 of them. I have a background in acrobatics, dance and gymnastics. I was fortunate enough to come across this form of dynamic yoga with the very accomplished Johnny Fincham after having my daughter as a way of getting back into shape, I am as passionate now, as I was after my very first session, it has quite simply changed my life.

Over the years, just like any long-term relationship, I've definitely had my 'ups' and my 'downs' -  both on and off my mat. But I can honestly say, the only constant through this time, apart from my 2 children has been the love of dynamic yoga.

I suffer from body dysmorphia and social anxiety, I have since a very young girl and this has lead to times of depression.

Through my practice of dynamic yoga, it has given me the tools and strength (mentally & physically) to be able to cope.

Teacher training was another level, if you'd to said to me in my teens, twenties or even thirties that I would be able to stand in-front of others and teach - I would of told you you were crazy. In 2004, I was offered teacher training, but soon after found out that I was expecting my son, so I had to postpone. It wasn't until 2010 I was able to continue along this journey, and following the successful completion of my course, I started MSKI Dynamic Yoga 2011.

Don't get me wrong, I still struggle with the whole 'in-front of other humans' thing, but the desire to bring this discipline to others makes it all worth while x


MSKI Dynamic Yoga classes are non-religious, fully inclusive yoga sessions, designed for all abilities. MSKI yoga consists of dynamic yoga postures designed to improve your strength, stamina, focus & flexibility.

Dynamic yoga practice has its roots in oriental medicine, philosophy and practice, hence the language and terms used may seem unfamiliar, particularly if you’re used to other yoga disciplines. Most of the postures are, however, similar to those performed in more traditional yoga. Every class is gently crafted depending on the season, time of day or meridian that I will particularly want to stimulate or cleanse. Alternatively, the class emphases on a particular element.


'The Tao of nurturing life requires that one keeps oneself as fluid and flexible as possible. One should not stay still for too long, nor exhaust oneself by overwork. One should learn how to exercise from nature by observing the fact that flowing water never stagnates and a busy door's hinges never rust. Because they exercise perpetually and are always moving.'

Sun Su-Mo (Tang Dynasty Physician)


MSKI Dynamic Yoga is a drop-in class for both men & women.

It is for all ages and abilities whether you are completely new to yoga or have been practicing for many years; everyone will get something from this practice.

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